Identity Design for NATO's annual strategic conference - Riga Stratcom Dialogue
Creative Direction
Brand Identity

Project Summary

There is no forum better suited to hold conversations about national security, cyber threats and war in Ukraine than the Riga StratCom Dialogue. This annual flagship event of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence draws hundreds of experts, practitioners, and top-level policymakers from across disciplines and around the world. This year, from June 7 to 8, 2023, this community met again in Riga, Latvia to immerse in lively debates and search for sustainable solutions.

Our Approach

Artificial intelligence is often portrayed as something inhuman and alien, but it is designed based on human understanding of intelligence and already functions as a mirror to humans - it imitates, learns, and evolves.

What if we showcased robots as part of our everyday life?Just like the Art Nouveau architecture in the center of Riga.
Imagine that instead of human figures occupying the columns or balconies, there were AI robots.
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we might not notice them, but they are there, observing us.

Who worked on the project?

Jānis Zālītis
Creative Director
Jēkabs Mucenieks
Design Hacker
Riga Stratcom Dialogue 2023