I Know What You Did Last Tour - A rapper that went on tour to México and found himself in trouble with the Cartel from a after party gone bad. Available on Amazon Prime.

Project Summary

Returning home to Las Vegas from inspiring adventures during an Asian business trip, musician and entrepreneur Carlos Espinosa a.k.a. Estragos is Dead initiated the idea for a short film concept and pitched it to us as closer collaborators. Cultivating the creative seed planted during preproduction, we grew it into three projected pilot episodes, while also considering the challenge of a full-length feature film. Even in the early stages, we sensed the potential for collaboration in adapting the content for widely recognized streaming services, thus opting to divide the content into three series to secure further funding from investors. We aimed for the highest possible quality of work, which paid off with the release of the first season of the series on platforms like Amazon Prime USA & UK, Hubi, among others.

Our Approach

The production phase began five years before preproduction. Approximately one-third of the series consists of authentic documentary moments captured from Estragos is Dead's daily life during a 2019 concert tour through Mexico's central region spanning two weeks. There, our cameraman found himself accidentally immersed, agreeing to become part of the tour family.

Works resumed in 2023, brainstorming and crafting a concept that blends documentary genre with action-based comedy. The filmed scenes served as the basis for further story development. The necessary 32 scenes were shot over two weeks in the capital city (Mexico City), requiring the daily set crew to remain as inconspicuous as possible, avoiding prying eyes, corrupt police, or the real Cartel. In our case, some members of the technical team fulfilled various production roles - one moment an actor, the next a lighting technician, another a cameraman, while also doubling as a props manager. We invited widely recognized artists from the rap scene to serve as lead actors and sound directors, leveraging their PR value. The on-set sound department had just returned from filming the last season of "Narcos."

Scenes were scheduled to be filmed in as chronological order as possible, allowing for logical scene development during filming. The series is based on true events intertwined with a vibrant, dramatic, youthful, and comedic style added value.


Reinis Janulis
Videographer & Producer