Collaboration between GreenTrials and DYNAMITE energy

Project Summary

The extreme show association GreenTrials (GT) is collaborating with DYNAMITE energy Latvia for the second year in a row. This season, the athletes wanted to start with a bang, so they approached us for a large-scale project.

No matter how complex the jumps or how dangerous the maneuvers GT riders had to perform, they knew they were not only the actors in their own clip but also the department responsible for preparing the filming set (including ramps and routes) and ultimately the client.

Our Approach

The cherry on top for this project was the location. The main idea was to promote GT show elements within the actual Cēsu Alus brewery premises in Cēsis. We executed the plan thoroughly, filming dynamic shots of athletes jumping over, onto, and off the brewery equipment, beverages, and other complex structures.

Everything needed to be meticulously and timely planned, coordinating the necessary arrangements for filming. On site, we had to balance conceptually incompatible extremes: a specifically sterile and safe work environment had to accommodate a dangerous, complex, and very fast-paced filming model.

Since COLORTIME (CT) is closely associated with extreme culture, our execution was particularly organic, utilizing the location to 110%. Why the extra 10%? Because during the location scouting, we had to creatively approach the possibilities on the spot, simultaneously considering safety and the potential for performing tricks.


Reinis Janulis
Videographer & Producer
GreenTrials x DYNAMITE