Song and Dance Festival - The Eternal Engine

Project Summary

We have been invited to take on the task of creating advertisements and a retrospective video for the large-scale production of the Song and Dance Festival's set design. This task is assigned to Didzis Jaunzems, who is responsible for the set design (DJA).

As the event's content holds significant value within the local demographic, characterized by deep ethnic and cultural roots for every Latvian, regardless of their location in the world, both the technical and aesthetic requirements must resonate hand in hand with the event itself, and consequently, with the final video.

Our Approach

The volume of the Song and Dance Festival is considered one of the most comprehensive events in Latvia. Tickets are sold out instantly, and the stands are overflowing with spectators. Organizational efforts for the 17,000 dancers' masses last an entire week. We were able to get only a brief glimpse of them since the final concerts take place over three evenings, each lasting 2-4 hours. All of this is taken into account when creating the production plan, encompassing all possible angles of the territory, forming unique shot compositions that complement and reveal the true essence of the festival. A small nation with a powerful message.


Reinis Janulis
Videographer & Producer
Mūžīgais Dzinējs