Coffee Fit For A Queen - Straight from Guatemala's most popular coffee bean plantations.

Project Summary

In collaboration with the US-based creative agency GLO Creative, we produced campaign video content for the newly established coffee bean brand - The Queen Of Versailles coffee. The client, also the face of the product, is widely recognized in American society as model, actress, and entrepreneur Jackie Siegel.

The primary filming location was one of Guatemala's most popular coffee bean plantations - Finca, San Sebastian. The director, executive producer, along with the actress and her team, flew in on a private plane from the US/Orlando. They also coordinated the local filming crew, actors, and assistants on-site, all in the name of high-quality coffee.

The internationally acclaimed coffee bean product is characterized by the location and conditions in which they grow and are processed. The plantation is situated at the base of a volcano, in a volcanic valley, high above sea level, resulting in extremely fertile soil and a favorable climate for coffee trees.

Our Approach

Due to advertising a new product for a new company without an established visual communication identity, the task included developing creative concepts, preparing for the project remotely. However, considering that the product is being promoted through the client/actor's personality, the initial creative direction was already significantly developed based on the actress's socially active and popular life. The key to a successful solution was found in balancing Jackie's existing identity with new, fresh steps towards showcasing the refined taste of a high-quality product.

On-site, the actress spent 2 days filming, while the filming crew spent 7 days, ensuring a comprehensive portrayal of the 55km2 expansive plantation. We worked in a small production team to respond to unforeseen circumstances, such as winter weather or logistical challenges during political unrest in the country.


Reinis Janulis
Videographer & Producer
The Queen of Versailles