Hear KLEAR with LAYLA soundbar.
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics

Project Summary

Klear Audio never had any content in their disposal. They had a wide scope marketing campaign almost ready to go. Layla soundbar is a highly technical masterpiece, so a lot of creative focus had to be driven to represent all of the engineering details in a klear way (pun intended)

Our Approach

Diverse and colorful TV spot-level video to promote Klear’s flagship product - Layla soundbar. Klear had developed a basic script. That facilitated us in preproduction with adaptive concepts to connect the target demographic with compelling lifestyle scenes and charming product closeups. As we have plenty of experience in product photography and videography, the production side was a fair amount of straightforward adventure. The same goes for postproduction, as our graphic design and animation departments had a clear vision with the client. 


Reinis Janulis
Videographer & Producer
Jēkabs Mucenieks
Design Hacker
Edgars Poļakovs
Motion & 3D Designer