Get ready for the summer's most anticipated water event - Red Bull Water Quest 2023!
Creative Direction
Social Media

Project Summary

We were called by Red Bull to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign for their annual SUP board race, Red Bull WaterQuest 2023.
In collaboration with the band "Carnival Youth", the primary objective was to conceive an engaging ad concept and scenario, along with a range of deliverables, to effectively promote this event.

Our Approach

We approached the Red Bull WaterQuest 2023 campaign with a clear focus on capturing the essence of the race and harnessing the adventurous spirit associated with Red Bull events.
Our aim was to showcase the energy of the event, emphasizing the skill and determination of the participants and creating a reminder on what to bring to the race.


Jānis Dunkurs
Founder & Video Lead
Šeila Orlova
Arvis Belovs
Videographer & DOP
Red Bull Water Quest