Brand Identity for Reinis Ozolins Drift Team
Brand Identity
Art Direction

Project Summary

Reinis Ozolins is a passionate PRO Drift driver who also enjoys creating content and communicating with fans on social media, generating more than 500 000 monthly viewers.

Our goal was to create a logo, identity, merch & website that represents Reinis energetic personality,  agressive driving style and supportive team that surrounds him.

Our Approach

With a rapidly growing fan base, one of our foremost objectives from the outset
was to launch a merchandise line to coincide with the new drift season.

In collaboration, we crafted a narrative that delves into Reinis Ozolins’ cherished childhood dream car,
which has now been brought to life on the drift track.

Who worked on the project?

Jēkabs Mucenieks
Design Hacker
RO Drift