Advertising campaing for WYNWOOD area promoted by Diesel branded apartments powered by Bel Invest, Miami, FL.

Project Summary

Bel Invest had lead it’s way to the final stage for their luxurious apartment project. Just before construction, they found lack of creative video content for their advertising campaign to create hype around the self generated surrounding art district called WYNWOOD. 

Our Approach

Our solution was to create a video image bank, consisting of 8 creativerly different deliverables, aiming at the glocal tenant and invetor community. The image bank included 1 x real estate, 3x lifestyle, 2 music videos, 2 shortfilms and color graded B-roll reel packages. 

Postproduction was finalised the next day for the first 4 videos. The rest were done the following week. 


Reinis Janulis
Videographer & Producer