Dynamic and engaging ad for vegan ice cream brand Avenei
Creative Direction

Project Summary

Avenei ice cream is fully vegan ice cream, so it’s a niche product with specific promotional needs to deliver a correct message to its audience. Together we finalized preproduction offering fast and easy production solutions, counterbalancing the available production budget.

Our Approach

The client had a clear vision of how other vegan ice cream brands were promoting their products to gain more engaging results for their target audience. They wanted to highlight the ingredients for making the ice cream and how easy it could be done as well. This meant we had to step in to bring the idea to life with many dynamic filming techniques. The production side was held in our studio and within one day we had all the necessary content to finish the postproduction the following week. We used specific use case lenses, like the Probe Macro 24mm lens to get exceptionally detailed closeups of the ingredients necessary for the ice cream. Also, camera and actor choreography had to be exercised to deliver a fruit ninja-worthy dynamic to the end result.


Reinis Janulis
Videographer & Producer