Creative Direction
Motion Graphics

Project Summary

ATEA approached us with an upcoming event that followed the matrix-style visual guidelines. Everything was meant to be glitchy, neon-lit, with 80s-cyber-punk vibes. The task was clear and simple: to make the guests feel like they are in the matrix and make them F0LL0W TH3 WH1T3 RABB1T!

Our Approach

As the event took place in the Digital Art House cinema, we had a chance to use their implemented multiple-screen technology - so we designed almost 12 different scenes, each of them containing nine different screens in several different dimensions - rectangles, squares, triangles etc. We followed the given branding guidelines and created those visuals and sound effects to make the visitors feel like they have just entered the matrix! Or simply to say - just took them to the trip! :)


Dainis Duļbinskis
Managing Director
Rinalds Rozenbergs
Artis Mihailovs