Campaign for Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia called "Listen to your Heart"
Creative Direction

Project Summary

In order to promote public awareness of the symptoms of a heart attack, their recognition and correct actions in the event of a heart attack, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) is launching the campaign "Listen to the heart!". One of the goals of the campaign is also to emphasize the importance of physical activities in promoting physical well-being and reducing the risks of heart diseases.

Our Approach

The "Listen to Your Heart" project portrays a symbolic dialogue between Heart and Mind, illustrating the internal conflict surrounding heart attack symptoms. The heart signals distress, while the egotistical mind remains indifferent. This narrative underscores the vital message: heart attack symptoms demand immediate attention and care. Our design aims to convey this urgency professionally, emphasizing the need for prompt action in prioritizing heart health.


Jānis Zālītis
Creative Director
Edgars Poļakovs
Motion & 3D Designer
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